In september 2016 I spent 2 weeks on sunny, but very windy Lanzarote. In the middle of second week I took part in Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote triathlon. About this event I will write in a seperate blog post.

Lanzarote become to very popular destination for european triathlets and cyclists. Especially in winter. Check out the monthly temperatures distribution. A lot of camps takes part here.


I traveled to Lanzarote by plane with my own bike. A lot of luggage, but for longer camp with a lot of cycling and for race participation definetly worth.

On the island you can rent car at the airport. It is relativly cheap.

Time to come back home ☺️

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Triathlon evnets worth noticing:

Club La Sante

The most famous spot for triathlets is Club La Santa overing wonderful facilites for triathlon training including three 50 meters swimming pools (one with cold water), own laguna for open water training, athletics stadium, gym, and a lot of organised classes with trainers. IMPORTANT: if you are not guest staying at CLS, you are not allowed (even if you would like to pay for it) to use any of the facilities. It is quite costy spot, but if you can afford stay there definetly do that ;)


Lanzarote is wondferful spot for cyclists offering great roads with stunning moon landscapes and a lot of hills to climb. Eg old Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote bike course has over 1300m elevation gain on 90 kilometers and the Ironman Lanzarote has over 2500m of climbing over 180 kilometers.

MUST READ: Great routes with maps, distances, elevation gains, gpx files, and short description you can find on

BE AWARE: side winds on Lanzarote can be very strong so using a high rim aero wheels may make you feel uncomfortable especially by fast downhills on this hilly island. I came there with my 81mm reynolds storm aero wheels and decided to buy plain aluminium front wheel to feel safer on the bike.

If you need some cycling/triathlon equipment:

  • Puerto del Carmen

  • La Santa:

    • Pro Bici Lanzarote Address: Calle EncarnaciΓ³n 14 35560 La Santa (near Club La Santa)
  • Arrecife:

    • Tribike Lanzarote Address: Calle Manolo Millares, 114, 35500 Arrecife



Region of La Caleta (Caleta de Famara)

  • great kitesurfing spot not far from Club La Sante.

Views are stunning.

Playa de Papagayo

My swimming pool - great spots for delicious open water

Space Control to Major Tom, Take your protein pills and put your helmet on Space Odity by David Bowie

Better keep not only your fastest aero helmet - it may be too hot.

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Triathlon heaven?

Probbably - the Club La Santa

Triathlon heaven?

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