Hi! My name is Andi (Andrzej Kostanski) and I am a full-time software engineer based in Warsaw Poland. Owner of andilabs.com and amateur triathlete.

Below you might find my sport bio. A story of man how came from being over 100kg obese IT guy not moving at all to becoming the Ironman triathlon finisher.

prelude (mid 2014):

Before running I was a fat person, not exercsing at all, with poor diet habits. In july 2014 I decided to start working on myself. First with some cardio, and fitness in the gym to reduce the weight and safely moved through some jogging with my dog (great motivator for running) into becoming runner.

running (since end of 2014):

Before triathlon there was running.

In November 2014 I run in street race at 10k for the very first time doing it in few seconds below 1 hour and having to walk through some part of it. I bought my first GPS watch and started more regulary joggin with my dog. April 2015 I run (a lot of it I had to walk) my first full marathon - finishing Orlen Warsaw Marathon with 04:45:43. Improved it much running the full distance from the begininng to the end in October 2015 at Poznań Maraton with result of 04:05:44.

triathlon (since 2016):

since 2016 I was taking part in triathlon events.

I made my triathlon debut on olympic distance (1.5km swim, 40km bike, 10km run). Then go through Ironman 70.3 distance 5 times (so called “half ironman” 1.9km swim, 90km bike, 21km run) and in august 2017 first time faced full Ironman (Ironman 140.6 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 42km run)

REMEMBER: Anything is possible

Doing long distance triathlon and training endurance sports in general is