SWIM 00:33:45

🏊 Swim - even fastest ever - I am still sucking with navigation - done extra 150 meters.

Then… Almost 9 minutes spend in T1 because I have forgoten to take race number from the blue bag. When I returned nobody from volounters was able to find my bag, because they placed it in wrong place. 😀😀😀 So angry. In first place for myself ofc.

BIKE 03:14:49

🚴 Not sure if my Bike split was optimal.

Maybe I could push a bit less, and have more power for πŸƒ. Anyway some 1350 meters of elevation gain on 90 kilometers path was a challange.

RUN 01:58:58

I feel totaly without power on run.

🍴And I fail with feeding myself powergel + cola + banana == twice πŸ’©πŸ’© on run.

First time ever needed it on race!

How cool that I bought myself two parts trisuit, so this activity did not take so much time πŸ˜‚ 😬😬

OVERALL: 06:00:31

So many things went wrong. But I am still learning.

First triathlon season so I feel a bit justified.

Anyway finished one the toughest 70.3 events in the world ☺️