This was our variation based mostly on this tour from: (description in polish).

Kalatówki shelter

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Nice spot to sunshine a bit before or after touring

Hard part of Goryczkowa

The steepest part of tour is in Goryczkowa glade. But don’t be too much afraid it goes along ski piste, so you are safe.

Kick turns or …?

It is a bit awkward feeling when crossing your skies with skitour binding while being on 40% vertical uphill. In my opinion it is still the best option to move in mountains in winter. You have just to practice kick turns a lot ;)

Pierwsze koty zakosy. #zakosy #pierwszekotyzaploty #skitour #tatras #tatry #foczenie #gasienicowa

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…climb with skies mounted to your backpack

Kasia was afraid of doing kick turns, so she decided to go with skies mounted to her backpack.

It was hard because she was sinking in deep snow and you can get easily exhausted.

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Like a girl

But no doubt she is a hard girl and she was enough determined to reach the summit.

#skitour #tatry #tatras #skitouring #skitouringgirl

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The peak - Kasprowy Wierch 1987 meters above mean sea level

Time for some nice photos just before sunset and long downhill via Goryczkowa to Kuźnice.

Good night!

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Strava log

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